For dad

  On Father’s Day, for dad. Walking the World’s End Trail is my best memory with him in recent times. It’s at this trail where I realised that he’s playing an added role in my life, that of a friend. My best travel bud. Even when I’m with friends, he’s the first person I call … More For dad

Do look back 

Do look back You may not know Where to go next What’s behind you Will show you The way, forward Do look back Good things, May not be ahead  Do look back You may realize What you’ve left behind You’re not better without.

For what was.

The process of letting go is a lot like a vacation withdrawal You’re stuck in moments, you didn’t think would pass in towns, you never wanted to leave in memories, you don’t want to forget with the known, you’re afraid of what’s to come with the comfort, you know what was back then in a … More For what was.


Out of the shower, Brushing my hair, I see strands falling onto the floor It doesn’t irk me as much anymore The mind won’t rest, I know   I pick up the strands and it hits me then, Out of nowhere, the dreadfulness, of what? I wouldn’t know I shun it away, It’s nothing, I … More Intuitions