For what was.

The process of letting go is a lot like a vacation withdrawal You're stuck in moments, you didn't think would pass in towns, you never wanted to leave in memories, you don't want to forget with the known, you're afraid of what's to come with the comfort, you know what was back then in a … Continue reading For what was.


Bhandardhara – Camping

Deciding to go for overnight camping to Bhandardhara was an impulsive decision I made 12 hours before I had to leave and I’m glad I did. I tend to think a lot before meeting new people and here, I was going with one friend, few acquaintances and 60 other people which was very unlike of … Continue reading Bhandardhara – Camping

Bombay Port Trust Garden

Located in Colaba, near the Cantonment area, not many are aware about Sagar Upvan aka the Bombay Port Trust Garden and I am secretly glad about that. The silence and stillness at this place will transport you to your own little world in your head. The crowd has ruined the peace Marine Drive and Bandstand … Continue reading Bombay Port Trust Garden

Elephanta Island

Elephanta was the first on my list when I decided to visit places in and around Bombay. I wasn’t too confident about going there by myself so I went with a friend. It’s approximately a 1 hour ferry ride away from Gateway. On reaching the island, there is a small train that pretty much looks … Continue reading Elephanta Island

St. Thomas’ Cathedral – 1st Anglican Church in Bombay

St. Thomas' Cathedral is located right near Horniman Circle in Fort, the prime heritage area of the city. I must have passed by this church a hundred times but never actually bothered to enter it and now that I have, I know  about its history and significance! You can easily pass by this Church as any … Continue reading St. Thomas’ Cathedral – 1st Anglican Church in Bombay

The Bombay Text

It was one of those days where you decide to just stop thinking, give your mind a break (like that ever happens) and just go for it. I was slightly sick of scrolling through travel pages, making wish lists, waiting for the ‘someday’ to come and doing nothing about all the ideas, thoughts and wishes … Continue reading The Bombay Text