1 a.m. – Part 1

Reality Check

So I put on a dress
even wore make up
contributed to the conversation
in fact, even began my own
I laughed at the jokes
specially the ones I didn’t get
danced until my legs hurt
it took all the pain away instead
And so night after night
I believed I was fine
a reality check was round the corner
little did I know
distractions aren’t always the answer


How far will you go?

I see you
behind mindless chatter
I see you
away from failed attempts
How far will you go?
I have travelled this road
There’s a dead end
Asking you to return
And when you do
For I know you will
I’ll be there

Waiting, for yet another try


Surprising Visit

like bad news, it arrives
unexpected and uncalled for
you take a gulp of air
continue the act
and hope for it to pass 
while it continues to shut you off
one surprising visit at a time


The night and her

Ask her about the night,
how long it lasts
how she played with her ideas
now they play her
it’s a game
refusing to end

Ask her about the night,
her affair with it
how she was in love with its tranquil
now it’s a thrall
refusing to let go



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