For dad


On Father’s Day, for dad.

Walking the World’s End Trail is my best memory with him in recent times.
It’s at this trail where I realised that he’s playing an added role in my life, that of a friend. My best travel bud. Even when I’m with friends, he’s the first person I call or FaceTime to say, “Dad!!!!! This is AMAZING!!!!”.
If he could, he would take me to every corner that exists in the Universe. If I love visiting places, having new experiences, it’s all because of him and been with him.
I’m not sure whether I’m more like mom or dad but barring the part that I’m quiet, unlike him, who can’t keep quiet for 5 minutes, I share a lot of my qualities with him. I hear a lot of “you’re just like your dad” from mom and find myself behaving the way he does. I may look like the calmest person around for those who don’t really know me but I’m like him, indecisive, hyper and hot headed, only lesser. He is never content. He always wants more. Of everything. He can’t sit still and constantly needs to be occupied. He never feels like he’s doing enough. While some people may think these aren’t good qualities, I love this. He always wants to experience more of everything. We’re at one trip and he’s already talking about where we should be going next or where we should have gone instead. That doesn’t mean he isn’t enjoying what he has, he is. He falls in awe with every little thing. Funny thing is that while he does the same, he thinks I’m crazy for getting over excited about the small things (Dad, you’re the same!!). He goes out of the way for some. He’s constantly trying to work on himself. He’s sensitive and full of drama. He’s a child. Maybe, I am exactly like him and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
He doesn’t need a day to know how much I value him as a father. He knows. But this father’s day, I’d like to tell him how much I love our daily growing friendship.
On Father’s Day, for my best travel bud, my friend.
Painting for dad. Ruined the clouds but going to try and undo the damage.


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