Bhandardhara – Camping

Deciding to go for overnight camping to Bhandardhara was an impulsive decision I made 12 hours before I had to leave and I’m glad I did. I tend to think a lot before meeting new people and here, I was going with one friend, few acquaintances and 60 other people which was very unlike of me to do. But I was desperate for some time with nature and so I got away.

Bhandardhara is a train and a jeep ride (perks of going through The Land of Wanderlust) away from Bombay. We even sat on top of the jeep!! 4 hours and you’ll be on top of a beautiful plateau surrounded by lakes and hills on all sides. Since we went through The Land of Wanderlust, we didn’t have any arrangements to make except carry water and blankets. But if you’re going through TLOW, carry a lot of snacks with you and thick blankets because we personally didn’t like the quality of the tents.

You can watch the sun set and rise from the camping spot. You can even walk down to the lake. While everybody walked down to the lake in the evening, few of us walked to the opposite side where the sunset was going to take place and spent a good 30 minutes sitting there in peace and listening to soft music. Once the sun set, we went to the opposite side and by then the moon was up in the sky. One side the sky was still lit up with the colours of the sun set and the other side it was dark. It was beautiful! I love the way the sky changes colours after the sun has disappeared so I stood there alone for a while, taking it all in.

We were then lying down outside our tent, looking up at the moon and listening to music. We’ve spent most of our time there listening to music. There was a group playing a guitar and singing. We joined them for a while. Later on after the bonfire was lit and BBQ started, a lot of groups mingled and were dancing together. I wasn’t up for any interaction or dancing, so I preferred lying down and stargazing. The night was really bad because we weren’t prepared for the cold. I really don’t know how I got through it. I have never been happier for the sun to rise like I was then and that sunrise was the prettiest I have ever seen. We saw it through the tent; the colours changing every few minutes.

The peace, silence and aura at Bhandardhara was revitalizing and I hadn’t felt that light and free of worry in the longest time. You know, there are some places, some feelings, some things that make your heart happy; Bhandardhara did just that.




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