Bombay Port Trust Garden

Located in Colaba, near the Cantonment area, not many are aware about Sagar Upvan aka the Bombay Port Trust Garden and I am secretly glad about that. The silence and stillness at this place will transport you to your own little world in your head. The crowd has ruined the peace Marine Drive and Bandstand gave us but this place remains unharmed. When you want to escape the noise and want some solace but can’t runaway for a trip, this place will do the job.

It’s known to be the largest botanical garden in the city with a variety of plants and trees. The garden also grows cacti! If you’re lucky, you can try spotting different kinds of birds as well. You can sit by the benches and watch the sun set into the Arabian Sea in silence. It is the best sunset I have witnessed in Bombay. I’m out of words to describe the vibe of the place and the sunset so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


The jogging track





NO EDITING. NO FILTER. This is exactly how it was. 🙂


You know where to go if you want to escape the city without actually escaping it.



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