The Bombay Text

It was one of those days where you decide to just stop thinking, give your mind a break (like that ever happens) and just go for it. I was slightly sick of scrolling through travel pages, making wish lists, waiting for the ‘someday’ to come and doing nothing about all the ideas, thoughts and wishes in my head. So I decided to stop craving for getaways and new experiences by making it all happen by myself – Tour Bombay!

Just after I made up my mind about touring the city, I came across a post by Abhinav Chandel, a traveller and photographer living in Mcleodganj, where he says, “ don’t have to go running to the mountains or beaches or anything unexplored. Instead, go slow but go solid, explore your own city..” and his words were like the signs from the Universe.

After a few Google searches, I listed down the places I could find, made an itinerary (well, sort of) and a few weeks later, started my Bombay Trip (no Dubai and Italy pictures on Instagram for a while). I was surprised at the number of places I found in and around Bombay. While I was going back home after the end of day 1, I realized that after almost 21 years in Bombay, I barely know anything about the place I live in. We go around looking for something to feed our curious minds and don’t pay attention to or appreciate what’s right in front of us.

I was amazed by what I saw and felt that others should appreciate the beautiful city that Bombay is as well. So on the way back, I decided to share my thoughts and briefly write about it – the places, the history and my experiences.

Look out for the Bombay Text series.

Maybe you can’t go visit a new place every time you want to but you can definitely rediscover the old.

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